Welcome to my Home Page!


Hello everyone, and welcome 
to a page full of news 
for my friends, and fans alike. 
The time has come to give up 
going solo and opt for the 
full sound of a complete band. 
I am pleased to announce 
the forming of the band
"Ockham's Razor".
With all the hustle and bustle, 
I have gathered together a group 
of sensational musicians to form 
this Darkwave/Synthpop band 
which gives my music the 
full sound I have always wanted.
In addition to myself, 
lending their musical talents 
to the band are 
my new vocalist, Patrick McMahon, 
our keyboardist, Jeremy Wheeler, 
and of course, on the drums, 
the other Bach musical prodigy, 
Jonathan Bach.
Keep your eyes on this space 
or better yet, visit the
band's new website for
information including photos,
bios, news and gig info,
and of course, lots of music!
 We hope to see you there, 
it's gonna be a wild ride!
Belinda Bach, Singer, 
Songwriter, Guitarist