Belinda Bach, coming from a musical and theatrical performing family, felt an irresistible draw to the stage from a very young age.  Her first professional performance was as the youngest Snow child in the Papermill Playhouse's production of "Carousel".  From that moment on she was hooked on the arts.  Belinda showed her parents and teachers a flair for both the dramatic and creative in early childhood, winning awards for her artwork, and dazzling audiences with her voice and acting abilities.  

When Belinda was nine, she was accepted into a magnet school for the fine arts in both dance and theater.  She decided to pursue theater, and began her studies of both conventional and musical theater at the age of ten.  When the time came for middle school, she once again attended a magnet school, only this time chose as her major, dance.  She studied ballet, tap, jazz, and modern dance styles, devoting hours every day to class, rehearsal and practice at home.


In the eighth grade, Belinda changed schools to concentrate on her academics and take a break from performance, but she couldn't stay away from it long.  In one semester, she wrote, directed and produced an original musical based on West Side Story.  Part spoof, part updated version of the classic Romeo and Juliet story, the play, entitled Bayside Story, told of the doomed romance set against the backdrop of a harsh Miami gang war.  With only one semester at her new school, Belinda had managed all this and had nabbed the award for "Best Theater Student of the Year".


Belinda realized her love for the stage could not be repressed, and she was accepted into New World School of the Arts - voted the President's Blue Ribbon School of Excellence the previous year.  Back in the game as a theater major, Belinda started to hone her craft, learning all she could about theater and technical theater.  From Acting for the Camera to lighting design, she was in her element. 


Around the middle of Belinda's freshman year, a series of catalysts began that helped her unlock the musical "Bach Genes" which had been dormant for so long.  A series of new bands and a new style of music dominated the air waves.  Of particular interest to her was the poetic quality of some of the lyrics.  Friends at school who could pick up an instrument and quickly learn it sparked Belinda's competitive nature, and when a group of her best friends put together a band, she was determined to be a part of it.  But what could she do?  She didn't really play an instrument, and her voice was all wrong for the kind of harsh alternative music they wanted to perform.  By the end of her sophomore year, Belinda had learned to play the guitar and was writing song after song, which combined the driving alternative sound of the day with whimsical lyrics that dealt with everything from teen angst to current events.  Belinda knew she had hit upon something when people started following her through the halls begging her to take out her guitar and play.  Before embarking on a summer program at Interlochen Center for the Arts, she wrote a song for each of her friends and gave them a demo tape to have over the summer.  While she was at Interlochen studying Shakespearean Theater, her demo got played at numerous parties, something that would eventually lead her away from theater and towards music.


In Belinda's junior year, an older student approached her and, having heard her tape at one of these parties, asked her to write an original score for a student film called "Seven Minutes in Heaven".   Belinda buckled down and began learning anything and everything she could about theory, scoring and classical music and in addition to Belinda's Pop songs, the film featured a score of lyrical tunes, some of which were new, and some of which were classical versions of her songs.  After completing this project, Belinda was hooked.  She knew that music was the way for her to go.


The family relocated to North Carolina in 1996 and Belinda began studying classical guitar with Marc Yaxley at Brevard College.  She moved to Greensboro in 1999, where she worked as a DJ while attending classes at UNCG.  The move to Los Angeles came in January, 2001.  Belinda is currently playing gigs in and around Los Angeles.   She is also writing songs for a producer in Fort Lauderdale.  Be sure to read Belinda’s press release for more current information!