Hey Everybody!  The Chinese say "May you live in interesting times." and WOW, are these times getting more and more interesting!  Doing lots of great stuff and having the time of my life doing it, so check out all of my cyberinfo and get a sneak peak at all of the wonderful things going on!

First, I'm lining up lots of Gigs in the Los Angeles area so that I can bring you some of my best tunes in the best way possible:  Live, up close and personal!  Explore the "Where is Belinda Now?" portion of my site, to find out where I'm going to pop up next for a gig.

I'm doing a lot of writing, not only new songs for myself, but great new tunes for up and coming artists.  To check out who, and where you can find them, take a look at my Links.

Hoping to be bringing you lots of exiting new things in the days and weeks to come, until then, keep checking out my very cool site.

I will be appearing at Curleyfest II in Ferndale on May 24-25, 2003
with folk rock legends from the 60's!!!  Check out the poster!


Belinda Bach
Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist