Singer – Songwriter, Guitarist
Folk; Blues; Folk Alternative

 Belinda Bach is a unique singer-songwriter who merges the acoustic sounds of blues and folk with the rhythms and no-nonsense lyrics usually associated with alternative music.  She adapts well to each new venue she plays. Her style spans the spectrum from good old-fashioned acoustic folk to a blend of folk and alternative meshed with the latest in electronic music technology best described as “folk gothic electronica”.  She has made her mark on the east coast impressing audiences in Miami, FL, Asheville and Brevard, NC.

In 1996 Belinda composed the original orchestral score for the Spellman/Corben Production “Seven Minutes in Heaven.”  The soundtrack also included her songs “Chasms”, “Leaves of December”, and “Playing God”. The first two can be found on her debut album “Leaves of December”.  Her writing skills are augmented by training in classical, jazz and blues guitar techniques which she blends smoothly and fluidly into her own unique stylings.

 Belinda is currently a contract songwriter for Heart Forge Productions based in Miami, FL.   Her talent as a singer/songwriter and composer has garnered her an interview with the PMP Network, an Internet and FM talk radio station based in Boston, MA.  Her smooth and vibrant sound lends itself well to the kind of folk music that has regained so much popularity in recent years.  So much in fact she has been known to draw crowds in from off the street during her performances.

Performance Experience and Achievements:

First Place – Indigo Girls/Scholastic Competition - (25 First Place awards were given  out of 12,000 entries)

First Place – State Instrumental Competition:  Federation of Women’s Clubs
 Winston-Salem, NC – 1997

Brevard Lylith Festival of Female Artists
 Brevard, NC – 1998

Guest Appearance and Solo with “Spanky and our Gang” reunion concert
 St. Augustine, FL – 1999

Numerous performances at Weirdbeard’s Café (Miami), Beanstreets (Asheville),
Essence of Thyme (Brevard), Cheers (Miami), and many more!

Recent performances in Los Angeles include Canter’s Kibitz Room, Zen Sushi/Budha-Con, The Joint and The Gig – Hollywood.