Tiny Geometries

When standing beside myself, 
Against the walls of my own mind, 
I am picking flowers, 
That are growing, 
In the cracks of those walls.
On occasion, 
I will be interrupted 
from my task, by myself.
I have now traveled 
through a tunnel
which is at length, invisible
and now, I have come here.
People surround me, 
yet I am alone. 
I have created this place,
and I have created it as an entrapment.
And there stand eight.
They are mine and others nearby.
I am nine...
I make the unparallel, 
I oval the circle.
Anger is to me and fish to water.
I am not angry at them, 
I am angry with my own ignorance 
and I am a victim of my own verdict.
N ow I have accepted 
the destiny unclear;
I am imprisoned 
within the walls of time.
I am restrained 
within these tiny geometries.