Structure of the Mind

Chains of amino acids joined in darkness,
forming endless threads of genetic information.
The oxygen-rich blood which dares to venture here,
sees everything from time to time.

Soft tissues forming cavern-like mines.
Each mine produces its own element, its own mine.
Stalagmites growing faint memories for the soul.
Stalactites growing the thoughts that keep men alive.

Love, needing to be nourished in full,
Needing to be flushed with the hourly gong.
Needing to be occupied and fulfilled.
Its minerals being vanity, adoration, and pain.'

Anger, too hot a cavern to enter,
Needing to be protected by fire.
Needing to be revived when love has been sealed off.
Its minerals being hatred, jealousy, and pain.

Sadness, needing to be sealed off forever,
Needing to be ostracized,
Needing to be broken into by the nightly thieves of love.
Its minerals being sorrow, loss and pain.

Determination, the most bountiful cavern of all.
Needing to be kept alive,
Needing to be open always.
Its minerals being hope, defeat, and pain.

So much pain.
In all emotions, too many to name,
There is so much confusion,
So much pain.